Mobile500 Alliance Grows to Reach 92% of U.S. TV Households

LAS VEGAS — January 5, 2011 — The Mobile500 Alliance, a voluntary coalition of leading
television broadcasters dedicated to the launch of Mobile DTV in the U.S., has grown rapidly to
include stations that reach 92 percent of U.S. television households. The goal of the alliance is
to develop strong partnerships within the broadcasting industry and with leading companies in
other industries to accelerate the nationwide availability of a commercial Mobile DTV service for

The Mobile500 Alliance, chaired by Fisher Communications CEO Colleen Brown, announced its
formation last September with 30 broadcast companies. In four months, it has grown to 43
companies that own and operate 414 commercial television stations that serve diverse markets
across the country. In December, bylaws were adopted that also open membership to public
television licensees. The alliance also hired John Lawson, a digital media innovator and
founding board member of the Open Mobile Video Coalition, to be its executive director.
The Mobile500 Alliance brings critical elements for the development of a robust Mobile DTV
market. These include the bandwidth for a diverse range of mobile programming, nationwide
scale from its footprint across many markets, and the local news, weather, and sports that
consumers value and expect. Market research has consistently found that local content is the
most highly valued by mobile video consumers.

Mobile500 members support the launch of free-to-air mobile channels, which can lead to rapid
consumer adoption of receive devices. And they support standards-based technology solutions
that create an open and competitive market for Mobile DTV services and consumer devices.
The Mobile500 Alliance shares a common goal with the Mobile Content Venture, another
consortium of broadcasters, to launch Mobile DTV services, and the two organizations maintain
an open dialogue. The alliance applauded MCV’s announcement in November to launch MDTV
in a number of major markets.

Mobile500 members already are broadcasting Mobile DTV on seven television stations, with
more launches planned for this year. In the months ahead, the alliance will explore business
models, investment strategies, content rights opportunities, and consumer device features that
can accelerate the deployment of Mobile DTV.

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