About MyDTV

The Mobile500 Alliance in conjunction with a group of technology partners has developed the MyDTV app for consumer use.  The consumer has only two steps to implement live television viewing over an Apple mobile device: purchase a micro antenna which attaches to an existing Apple mobile device and secondarily to download/launch the MyDTV app from the Apple app store. Measurement data is captured using a one time registration process.

Benefits for Consumers

  • One time only cost for the consumer (purchase micro antenna)
  • Viewing will not use data plan – it is over the air
  • Quality viewing experience – no buffering or download delays
  • Watch, pause, rewind and record for time-shifted viewing

Benefits for Broadcasters

  • Leverages existing broadcasters’ spectrum
  • Increased monetization of current programming for broadcasters
  • Inexpensive for stations to launch and maintain
  • Additional service to local communities
  • M-EAS opportunity


  • Live TV & Recording of Live TV
  • Social Media Integration
  • Closed Captioning
  • Interactive Advertising
  • Audience Measurement
  • Conditional Access Ability
  • Electronic Program Guide

Technology Partners

  • Elgato manufactures the receiver accessories and the MyDTV app
  • Expway provides the MyDTV middleware and captures audience measurement
  • Accelerated Media delivers interstitial and banner advertising
  • Neustar Media provides secure and reliable infrastructure
  • Broadcast Interactive Media provides program listing data

Audience Measurement 

Nielsen  Rentrak